Efficient testing of chain partners

CREDS. Experts in offensive security

  • Cost-effective and easy deployment

    Our platforms low-cost, no-installation approach makes it simple and affordable to implement across your chain partners, facilitating widespread adoption and consistent security practices.

  • Insightful Security Status Monitoring

    Our solution provides clear insights into the security status of each chain partner, enabling targeted improvements where they are most needed, thereby enhancing the overall security posture of the chain.

  • Comprehensive progress monitoring

    Features a user-friendly dashboard that tracks the security improvements of your chain partners over time, offering a clear view of progress and areas for further enhancement.

  • Portal per chain parter

    We allow for the creation of separate portals for each chain partner, ensuring tailored security measures and reporting that are specific to the needs and risks of each entity.

Our approach ensures that your organization can effectively monitor and improve the security status of your chain partners, fostering a stronger, more secure supply network.

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Be compliant

CREDS. Experts in offensive security

  • Comfort

    Our solution ensures adherence to relevant laws and regulations, providing peace of mind and confidence for all stakeholders within the organization.

  • Meets compliance requirements

    It is specifically designed to meet the standards of DORA, NIS2, ISO27001, and DNB requirements, ensuring your organization remains compliant with these critical regulatory frameworks.

  • Relevant threats

    The solution conducts regular assessments against the evolving threat landscape, ensuring that your security measures stay up-to-date and effective in countering current cyber threats.

  • Verify Security Improvements

    We consistently evaluate and update your security strategies, ensuring that any improvements align with best practices and effectively bolster your overall security posture.

  • Reporting

    Clear and concise reporting mechanisms are integrated into our solution, keeping stakeholders informed about the organization's security status and compliance levels.

Our security solution offers a thorough compliance strategy that fosters a strong and transparent security posture. This ensures continuous improvement and builds trust among your organization and stakeholders.

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Reduce security testing costs

CREDS. Experts in offensive security

  • Consistent and Regular Testing

    The solution enables frequent, routine security assessments, ensuring vulnerabilities are identified and addressed promptly, thereby maintaining continuous security vigilance.

  • Targeted Improvement Focus

    It emphasizes targeted improvements, identifying specific areas for enhancement, and providing clear, actionable steps for strengthening security defenses.

  • Cost Savings Through Automation

    By leveraging automation, the solution significantly reduces the costs associated with manual security testing, making it both efficient and economically viable.

  • Flexible, On-Demand Testing

    The platform offers the convenience of on-demand testing, allowing organizations to conduct assessments at their own pace and as per their unique needs.

  • Affordable Access to Expert Knowledge

    Our platform delivers expert-level security insights at a lower cost, realising access to advanced security knowledge and capabilities without incurring substantial expenses.

Our approach ensures that organizations can maintain a robust security posture through regular, focused, and cost-effective automated testing, tailored to their specific needs and budget.

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Protect your crown jewels

CREDS. Experts in offensive security

  • Attack Paths

    The platform executes sophisticated cyber attacks, focusing on the paths that could be exploited by attackers to reach your crown jewels. By understanding these potential attack paths, your organization can effectively mitigate risks to these vital assets.

  • Core Business Risks

    We recognize that the greatest threats are those that directly impact your core business. Our platform is tailored to identify and address these specific risks, ensuring that your key operations are protected against the most relevant threats.

  • Performing Advanced Attacks

    Using the latest Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs), the platform mimics real-world cyber attacks targeting your crown jewels. This approach helps in understanding how an actual attacker would operate, providing a realistic assessment of your defenses.

  • Exploiting Weaknesses

    The platform meticulously navigates through your infrastructure or cloud environment, identifying and exploiting technical and logical weaknesses. This comprehensive scrutiny helps in uncovering hidden vulnerabilities that could be leveraged in an attack.

  • Realistic Impact Assessment

    Beyond just identifying weaknesses, our platform demonstrates the potential impact of a realistic attack on your organization. This helps in understanding the actual consequences of a breach and in enhancing your response strategies.

  • Continuous Improvement

    A standout feature of our platform is its capability for continuous benchmarking against the evolving threat landscape. This means that your security measures are not static but are constantly evolving, ensuring an ongoing cycle of improvement and adaptation to new threats.

Our Automated Attack Platform offers a dynamic and proactive approach to cybersecurity, surpassing traditional defenses with real-world scenario-based attacks to keep your organization ahead in the fight against cyber threats.

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Ransomware proof?

CREDS. Experts in offensive security

  • Resilience Testing

    Our solution enables you to evaluate your system's defense against new ransomware attacks, ensuring readiness and responsiveness to such threats.

  • Simulated Attack Indicators

    The attack platform uses 'rubber bullets' - simulated indicators of compromise (IoCs) that mimic ransomware behaviors without causing actual harm, allowing for safe testing environments.

  • Defense Systems Check

    The platform tests the effectiveness of your Antivirus (AV), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Security Operations Center (SOC), and firewalls in detecting these simulated attacks, ensuring all layers of your defense are prepared.

Our approach ensures a thorough assessment of your organization's ability to detect and respond to ransomware threats, enhancing overall cybersecurity resilience.

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Increase SoC efficiency

CREDS. Experts in offensive security

  • Purple teaming for realistic simulation

    Incorporates purple teaming exercises that combine both offensive and defensive tactics, providing a realistic environment for testing and improving SOC responses.

  • Testing SOC response at various maturity levels

    The solution assesses the SOC's capabilities at different maturity levels, ensuring that the response mechanisms are effective and scalable as the organization's security needs evolve.

  • Training for security teams and SOC

    Focuses on comprehensive training for both the security team and SOC personnel, enhancing their skills and preparedness for real-world security challenges.

  • Simulation of known compromises

    It simulates known compromises across various networks, servers, and privilege levels, providing the SOC with practical experience in detecting and responding to diverse threat scenarios.

Our approach not only tests the SOC's current effectiveness but also aids in its continuous development, ensuring a robust and proactive defense against cyber threats.

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