Red Teaming

Red teaming is a comprehensive security testing method where a group of skilled security experts, known as the ‘red team’, perform realistic cyber attacks on an organization’s defenses. The goal is to identify vulnerabilities, test the effectiveness of security measures and assess the responsiveness of defensive protocols. This proactive approach helps organizations strengthen their security posture by revealing potential threats before they can be exploited by real attackers.

Perform real attacks based on current strategies

Our process

Our red teaming process involves a collaborative and structured approach that maps actions to recognised security frameworks such as DNB, MITRE and the Kill Chain.

These frameworks guide the team to strategically target an organization’s most critical assets—often referred to as the “crown jewels.”

The process always begins with a joint brainstorming session involving the customer, ensuring that every test is customized to address specific vulnerabilities and threats relevant to the organization. This tailored approach helps in crafting scenarios that are both realistic and challenging, effectively preparing the company against sophisticated cyber threats.

More than a penetration test

Red teaming differs significantly from traditional penetration testing in its scope and execution, encompassing technical, human, and organizational aspects. While penetration testing typically focuses on identifying vulnerabilities in specific systems, red teaming offers a more holistic view, testing how well an organization’s human elements, processes, and physical security controls can withstand an attack.

The outcome of a red team engagement extends beyond a standard report; it includes a detailed roadmap for remediation, prioritizing identified vulnerabilities and suggesting actionable steps for improvement. This ensures that organizations don’t just understand their weaknesses but also have clear, strategic directions for enhancing their security posture.

Moreover, red team operations are carried out by a multidisciplinary team that brings together diverse expertise. This team typically includes a deep web specialist responsible for reconnaissance, an exploit developer who crafts the actual attack tools, an ethical hacker who conducts the penetration, and a reverse engineer who analyzes risks. Each member contributes unique skills, ensuring a thorough and effective examination of the organization’s defenses.

Red Teaming Options