Web application testing

Web application penetration testing is a crucial security technique that simulates cyber attacks on web applications to identify vulnerabilities. This process involves both automated scanning and manual testing to uncover weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers. It helps organizations protect sensitive data, ensure compliance, and maintain customer trust by strengthening their cybersecurity measures.

Ensure your web application is secure

How we work

CREDS specializes in comprehensive web application security testing, designed to safeguard your digital assets through a multi-layered testing approach. Our services offer deep insights into your applications’ security by combining thorough penetration testing with source code analysis.

During penetration, we can incorporate control frameworks such as DigiD. We have IT auditors (RE) on our team who can accompany the penetration test and provide an additional chapter as input for the DigiD audit.

With source code analysis we dive into the code to identify potential vulnerabilities, it acts as an in-depth assessment rather than a standalone solution or replacement for security control analysis. This dual approach ensures that potential security flaws are identified and mitigated from both a structural and functional perspective.

Tailored Testing

We categorize our security testing into different maturity levels, tailored to meet the specific needs and readiness of your organization. Our range of tests includes:

Each level of testing is designed to progressively enhance the security posture of your web applications, ensuring that you are not only compliant with the latest security standards but also protected against emerging cyber threats. By working with CREDS, you can be confident that your web applications are robustly secured against both known and unforeseen challenges.

We collaborate

We believe that web application testing is a collaborative journey. By partnering with you, we aim to not only identify vulnerabilities but also work together to enhance the overall security and functionality of your product. Our approach involves a continuous dialogue, where we align our testing efforts with your development cycle to ensure that security grows in tandem with your application.

We advocate for periodic testing that aligns with your development sprints and release schedule. This method allows us to systematically address new features and changes, ensuring that every aspect of your application is scrutinized for vulnerabilities before going live. This ongoing process not only helps in maintaining a robust security posture but also integrates seamlessly with agile development practices, making security a cornerstone of your product development lifecycle.

Together, we will refine and fortify your web applications, making them not only functionally superior but also secure against emerging cyber threats.

Testing Options