Attack yourself to stay in control

Attack yourself

Using our Automated Red Teaming (ART) Platform

Our innovative Automated Red Teaming (ART) Platform enables you to manage, stage and perform real attacks on your own infrastructure, without actually harming it as true cyber criminals would do. Unlike vulnerability scanners that only test the surface of your infrastructure, CREDS ART goes much deeper by actually exploiting vulnerabilities and communicating back to our command and control servers like real threats do.

Our platform empowers you to gain insights in your own security and organizational capabilities by putting your systems and internal ‘Blue Team’ to the test.

Our platform is powered by security professionals but does not depend on humans. ART works fully automated and is therefore always available and very cost-effective. As a result, insight can be gained at any time into current security risk and continuous comfort can be obtained regarding the status of information security.”

To optimise the signal-to-noise ratio for you, our platform only reports attack paths that can actually be abused with, ignoring immaterial risks and theoretical vulnerabilities.

Real attacks

Without the malicious intent

Our ART platform does not simulate attacks or only reports on vulnerabilities. It performs real attacks and exploits identified vulnerabilities. We follow exactly the same attack path as real attackers, but instead of having malicious intent or causing damage our goal is to learn as much about your security as possible. We provide the cyber version of rubber bullets – the stakes are real, but the pain is less. Being Red Teamers at heart, we gain access like real attackers, while respecting your operation and organization at the same time.

  1. Initial foothold

    Compromised system

  2. Network propagation

    Internal network

  3. The difference:

    Real attackers: Malicious intent

    e.g. financial, ransom, data theft, or destruction

    Creds: Test & learn

    • Return success signal to platform
    • Provide actionable advice on mitigation
    • Report attack path & findings in portal

    Action on objectives

    Critical Asset Access

Attack perspectives

Real-time findings

Start fixing while the test is still running

Using our ART Platform, expensive one-off penenetration tests or full-fledged red team sessions become less urgent. You can now attack yourself as often as you’d like.

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Breach & Attack
Simulation (BAS)
Red Teaming
by humans
Vulnerability scanning
On demand and automated
New malware strategies
Purple Teaming *
Test effectiveness (exploit)
Realtime insights
No agents required
Risk based attack paths
Infiltration via phishing e-mails
Human advice On request

* By both supporting and opposing Blue Teams, effectively Purple Team activities are supported. Purple teaming is a security methodology where Blue Teams and Red Teams work closely together to maximise cyber capabilities through continuous feedback and knowledge transfer.

What makes us different


Dealing with a security breach is a powerful yet painful lesson. Our ART Platform can teach you a similar lesson, without the pain.

So don't wait and get started with ART now!

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