About us


Defeating cyber criminals and bad actors is a cat & mouse game. We believe that ill-intentioned actors can be countered by having people with an ‘attacker mindset’ on your own side. Being fully aware of the goals, tools, techniques and patterns of attackers, it’ll be easier to prevent breaches. We help you by demonstrating how your IT can be exploited and advising how you can fix & prevent this from happening in the future.

“We want to become the #1 authority for offensive security and the go-to firm for customers with offensive security needs.”

The Team

We are a skilled team of enthusiastic red teamers, exploit developers, vulnerability researches and software developers, highly motivated to overcome every challenge. We are hackers by heart, wearing a white hat for the good cause.

Together we have 50+ years of joint security experience. Our management has a rich background in cyber security and corporate environments.  


Things we value