Phishing is crucial to address because it directly targets the human element of security - often the weakest link in cybersecurity defenses. It involves attackers sending deceptive emails that appear trustworthy to trick individuals into revealing sensitive information, clicking on malicious links, or downloading harmful attachments. Effective phishing prevention can significantly reduce the risk of data breaches and financial loss, making it an essential component of any cybersecurity strategy.

Test the security awareness of your employees

Our method

We conduct phishing attacks that are finely tuned to reflect the latest phishing techniques and trends. Our approach begins with a detailed analysis of your most valued assets—your crown jewels. We then tailor phishing scenarios to target these specific areas, crafting realistic threats based on the most effective, contemporary templates.

We roll out these scenarios to your team, carefully monitoring how they interact with the phishing attempts. Following the exercise, we analyze the results, pinpointing vulnerabilities and assessing the team’s overall response. This process not only helps in identifying gaps in awareness and attack paths to your crown jewels but also in fortifying defenses against real-world phishing attacks.

Dive deeper

Our phishing attacks do not just stop at the initial breach; they extend into a comprehensive testing of your organization’s response capabilities following a successful phishing attempt. When our phishing emails result in compromised credentials or the execution of our friendly malware, we proceed to the next phase of our simulation by actively using these credentials or leveraging the malware.

This advanced stage allows us to mimic the actions of an actual attacker post-compromise, providing a realistic assessment of how deeply an attacker could penetrate your systems with the stolen credentials or executed malware.

Our phishing attacks go beyond simply teaching a lesson to individual employees caught by the phishing attempt. By continuing the attack, we demonstrate the real-world impact of a successful breach. This shows not just theoretical risks but actual consequences - ranging from operational disruption to significant data loss - providing a powerful and practical demonstration of why robust cybersecurity practices are essential. This full-scope approach ensures that the entire organization understands the stakes and is better prepared to prevent and respond to cyber threats.

Insightful reporting

The reporting on the phishing results is designed to be clear, concise, and insightful. We utilize graphs and various statistical analyses to provide a comprehensive view of the outcomes, making it easy for your management team to understand the vulnerabilities and strengths within your organization.

Our reports break down the results by department and office location among other categorizations. This segmentation allows for a detailed analysis of how different parts of your organization responded to the phishing tests, highlighting specific areas that may require additional training or security measures. By presenting this data visually through graphs, we ensure that the insights are accessible and actionable.

This targeted reporting approach helps your organization to pinpoint exactly where improvements are needed, facilitating tailored interventions that enhance your overall cybersecurity posture.