IT Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is crucial for identifying vulnerabilities within your network, servers, and other critical systems. By uncovering and addressing these vulnerabilities, organizations can prevent potential data loss and system compromises. Regular penetration testing also ensures compliance with industry security standards and helps maintain trust with customers by safeguarding their data.

Subject your infrastructure to thorough security validation

What we do

Our penetration testing process is meticulously designed to secure your most critical assets - often referred to as the “crown jewels.” We begin by mapping our actions to established security frameworks such as DNB, MITRE ATT&CK, and the Cyber Kill Chain. This alignment ensures that our testing strategies are comprehensive and adhere to internationally recognized standards.

We tailor each testing engagement based on a thorough risk assessment, focusing on the specific threats relevant to your organization and the particular types of crown jewels being targeted. This approach allows us to simulate realistic attack scenarios that are most applicable and threatening to your unique operational environment.

Exploitation and Risk Control

CREDS adopts a highly specific approach to exploiting security vulnerabilities, focusing on abusing weaknesses in a way that aligns with your specific risk appetite. This means we carefully evaluate how aggressively we pursue potential security breaches based on your organization’s readiness to handle and mitigate risks. Our goal is to provide meaningful insights without disrupting your operational stability or exposing you to unnecessary risks.

All the exploits and techniques we use are developed in-house by our team of expert security analysts. This not only ensures that the tools and methods we employ are unique and cutting-edge but also keeps them secure from external threats and misuse. By controlling the development and application of our testing tools, we maintain the highest standards of security and effectiveness, allowing us to deliver precise results that are directly relevant to your security needs.

Testing Options